Make Your Weathering Pool as Good as New with a Pool Renovation Chicago

God bless the soul who invented swimming pools. Pools are the epicenter of all the backyard fun you’ve ever had be it pool parties, barbeques or lazy dips on Sunday afternoons. Yes indeed, seeing a pool gives you smile and makes you want to go wild.

In order to enjoy your pool, it needs maintenance. Now, it often so happens that the structure of the swimming pool weathers out overtime. This can be seen in the form of cracks, degradation of the tiles, rusty gutter lines etc and you might be thinking of getting a new pool altogether. But what if you could get a Chicago pool restoration? The reason being it costs a fraction of getting a new pool altogether.

With modern techniques of restoration and latest construction material, your pool can look as good as a new one. Here are a few things you should know:-

  1. Assessment- Experts assess the condition of your pool and make a detailed report based on observing different components of your pool like interior, deck resurfacing, pool gutters, structure cracks etc.
  2. Preparation of existing structure- The surface of your pool is prepared which includes scrubbing the surface, strengthening the base steel rods and then cracks are repaired by a special pool plaster Chicago called the inter steel crack repair system.
  3. The final phase – This includes installation of INTER GLASS. It’s a surface created with a mixture of epoxy injection, multi axial fabric etc which acts as a covering shell to the pool surface. It is PVC free, inert to chemicals, seals and repairs cracks, has low maintenance costs and last but not least comes with a 25 year ltd. warranty.
  4. Other services- There are other extra services that can be provided as per your choice .These include installation of new tiles such as frost proof, logo embedded etc, coping of the pool by using TEXTURE DEK .

If you are looking for experts who provide premium grade pool restoration consultancy or services, who have a reputation in Chicago for building pools that exceed the F.D.A standard regulations, you can contact Mid America Pool Renovation inc.

About Mid America Pool Renovation

Mid America Pool Renovation is an organization that has been building premium F.D.A grade swimming pools for the last 30 years. It is one of the leading services in Pool Restoration Chicago, and boasts of a client base like the Trump International Hotel in New York.

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