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Your wedding ring is one of the most important pieces of jewellery you wear in your life. It symbolizes the commitment and promise you make to your spouse to be kept for a lifetime.

It’s tradition to wear your wedding ring on the third finger of the left hand, the scientific reason behind this tradition is that the veins of this finger directly reach your heart. In this way, wedded couples believe that they are “joined by heart”. This tradition has been in practice for many decades and yes, it signifies never ending and immortal love.

Your ring is a symbol of your love for each other and the promises you make with each other. It also reflects your relationship, your bond with your partner, and even your personality. Men often buy the Irish Claddagh Ring for their beloved.

Claddagh Rings which originate from the “Claddagh “area of Galway city on the west coast of Ireland represent love, friendship, and loyalty, denoted by the heart, hands, and crown respectively.

Claddagh Rings are very elegant and are handcrafted by John Christopher who is a master ring maker based in Dublin on the East Coast of Ireland.

Our beautiful Claddagh Ring range symbolize togetherness and love. Though popular as friendship rings, Claddagh rings are mostly sought after as wedding and engagement rings. John Christopher create full range of Claddagh Rings in Gold, White Gold, Silver, and diamond encrusted.

John Christopher master crafted Jewelery is inspired by the Celtic, Viking and Irish heritage as well as the ancient landscapes of Ireland, we hand craft a wide collection of rings which include Claddagh rings, gold rings, engagement rings and bands.

We create beautiful and graceful womens wedding band alongside stylish wedding bands for men. There is folklore and ancient Irish stories behind all our Celtic Jewellery.

John Christopher jewelry pieces can be bought exclusively from our online store so you can shop anytime and anywhere and surprise your lovedone and enjoy ourfree Worldwide shipping facility.

Apart from diamond wedding and engagement rings, we hand craft a beautiful range of Celtic Engagement Rings. To make your proposal or wedding day even more magical, see our full range of exquisite handmade Gold and Silver Jewelry.

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