Maintain a Flawless Patient Health Record with Effective EHR Comparing Systems

Health care is basically the maintenance or improvement of health by diagnosis, treatment as well as through prevention of diseases, illness, injury and other physical impairments in human beings. Health care can be defined as either public or private.

Private health care is provided by individual, other than government. It can be sometimes more efficient than public sector provision. Epic systems is one of the largest private, health IT company which is known for its electric health record system (EHR). Including Oakland, many major states and big hospitals use Epic’s EHR system. It is a secure, digital environment for maintaining a record of patients’ health, and a tool which will help transform the way they provide care, improve the patient experience, and deliver better health outcomes.

Electronic medical records (Epic EMR) are a digital versions of paper charts in the clinician’s office. It allows clinicians to track data over time and monitor and improve overall quality of care within the practice.

Some people interchangeably use the terms “electronic medical record” and “electronic health record” i.e. EMR and EHR. We find that both the terms are same, but actually it’s a little picky, there is a significant difference between two terms.To compare EHR and Epic EMR, Health Record.US offer free evaluation tools for clinics and hospitals as well as some health organizations. And this tool is also certified.

The Health Record initial target was only on EHR software, but after the grand success of EHR they have moved a step ahead and set a target to achieve the HIS market. As US is providing many facilities to improve health care, Epic EMR value is getting stronger day by day. According to US hospital market the Epic EMR earnings have risen up to 40% higher.

About Health Record

Health record provides health care and an algorithm based tool which will help hospitals and clinics for free.

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