Make Your Pool Weather Proof with the Omaha Pool Renovation Experts

A swimming pool is something that every American with a backyard in his/her house wants. But one knows all to better that installing a swimming pool can cost you some big bucks. So, if you’re thinking of getting yourself one, you would want it to stick around for a long time. That requires maintenance or in case of already weathered pools, Omaha pool restoration is what it needs.

There are many reasons why a pool ages over time. Firstly, the water is pretty corrosive and no matter how good a quality your pool structure is those tiles are going to wear out over time. Rusting of gutter pipes, slippery pool edges, etc are some other reasons to be taken into account.

So, what you need is a bunch of Omaha Pool Renovation experts. Renovation is a necessary task that needs to be done in order to prolong your pool’s life. Given how harsh the Omaha weather can behave during winters, this task becomes even more necessary

Pool renovation is a task that consists of a few steps-

  1. Assessment- Experts assess the condition of your pool and make a detailed report based on observing different components of your pool like interior, deck resurfacing, pool gutters, structure cracks etc.
  2. Preparation of existing structure- The surface of your pool is prepared which includes scrubbing the surface, strengthening the base steel rods and then cracks are repaired by a special Omaha pool plaster called the inter steel crack repair system.
  3. The final phase – This includes installation of INTER GLASS. It’s a surface created with a mixture of epoxy injection, multi axial fabric etc. seals and repairs cracks among other benefits, has low maintenance costs and last but not least comes with a 25 year ltd. Warranty.
  4. Other services- These include installation of new frost proof, logo embedded tiles and any other customization of that sort etc. ,coping of the pool by using
  5. TEXTURE DEK – A combination of substances that make your pool edges frost proof, skid proof and heat resistant.

If you’re looking for a trusted and well equipped team of pool restoration experts, you can go for Mid America Pool Renovation Inc and their team of specialists. They are pioneers in the pool renovation business and have been renovating pools for over 30 years.

About Mid America Pool Renovation Inc:

Mid America Pool Renovation Inc is a leading company that deals with issues related to the restoration, refurbishing and installation of pools. Their client base goes from the Rocky Mountains to the East Cost. With clients as big as the Trump International Hotel in New York, they are now available as the Omaha Pool Renovation experts.

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