Mid America Pool Renovation Inc: Providing You Renovation and Resurfacing Services for Pools

Pool enhancement service is quite essential as with the passage of time, your pool ages and gets dilapidated. To enhance the look of your pool, proper care and maintenance from time to time is needed. And, it can be done nicely by hiring professional contractors to renovate or restore your pool in different style of tiles and forms. Fortunately, Mid America Pool Renovation Inc. is a foremost company that provides the services of pool restoration Omaha at competitive prices.

Some exemplary pool restoration services offered by Mid America Pool Renovation Inc include:

  • Plaster and cement services:

The company provides you different colored plasters of pool and other cement products. Plus, the lining provided by them comes with a 5 year warranty and well suited to the environment of your pool.

  • Plaster specs:

The plaster specs include two options such as cement based options and re-plaster preparation. The cement based options includes the plasters of blue, green and other oxides. And, if you want good adhesion, then you should consider re-plaster preparation, which mainly focuses on surface preparation.

  • New tile:

They also provide ceramic depth tiles of different colors and combinations, with which you can choose the tile of your own choice!

  • New coping:

Coping may be formed concrete bull-nose, round-nose coping bricks, cast coping stones, it can be done to add unique ambiance to your pool. In such type of services, coping is formed with steel reinforced concrete. Then, pins made of steels are placed on to the pool.

  • Texture dek:

The texture dek is important service to stick power to new or old concrete surfaces or the surfaces that are stain resistant too.

  • Texture specs:

In texture specs, no water is used in mixing and is well suited for interior or exterior applications.

  • Complete renovation:

Mid America Pool Renovation has more than 30 years of experience in pool renovation Omaha covering the areas from the East Coast to Rocky Mountain.

On the whole, Mid America Pool Renovation Inc. provides you Omaha pool plaster with excellent quality and care. In addition to this, they are committed to provide you the quality work with durable material used in making the pools in Omaha, Nebraska.

To know more, you can log on to omahapoolrenovation.com.