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Die Grünen seien in der Realität anjekommen? In der Realität, die sie sich selbst geschaffen haben? Nein, Politik folgt keiner esoterischen Lehre der Gesamtheit von Achtsamkeit, Bewußtsein und Wissen. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s414/sh/b9c3a8ca-57c0-4ade-a8b3-40564783d5a1/4b5b9592e2a44e6fc453733000965f0a

Wissen! Bildung! Charakterentwicklung, Bewußtseinsbildung, Vermögen! – Building.


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Die Gemeinsame Sicherheitspolitk der paneuropäischer Regionen


the economy of war is a project of conflict transformation. It assessess parts of the economic and environmental dimension of the OSCE.

Another part is the budget, which is the additional budget for NATO. That amounts to some €30mio annualy from Germany alone…

As regards the environment, those are the indicators and criteria of the SDGs as well as those of the climate compact.

the human dimension aims at personal development and education.

the military dimension is based upon the presumption of the demilitarised autonomous regions of eastern europe. they are federated partners of the westeurpean union in liaising with anglo-saxan and latin america as well as southeast europe, russia and china.

democratisation is a mission (level 3 after overall and specific objectives), thus subjacent to personal development & education. election and human rights are departments (activities). Akin to Deutsch representation, delegation & participation, agenda-setting and standards.

Deteiled activities include the Baghdad Bahn, federated regional railways unions, international Curriculum Development…


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